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Wedding industry players keeping options open
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WITH weddings and solemnisation ceremonies now allowed, business has started to pick up for those in the wedding industry.

However, the high number of Covid-19 cases reported recently has industry players worried.

Those who spoke to StarMetro said they were more prepared now and planning ahead to sustain their income.

A wedding photographer, who wished to be known as Kim, said he was making sure that his savings could sustain him for at least three months.

“I am glad that I am fully booked for November and December, where I got about eight jobs each month.

“I am also thankful that no one had postponed their photo shoots despite the high number of cases.

Syahira says she is considering drop shipping as a side venture.Syahira says she is considering drop shipping as a side venture.

“I will make sure I have enough savings to keep afloat.

“I am also taking other photography jobs such as product and music video shoots as well as entertainment-related work to increase revenue,” he added.

On Dec 6, Malaysia recorded 4,262 cases, bringing the total to 2,663,034 cases in the country.

Henna artist Syahira Abdullah Sani said she was planning to start drop shipping as a side venture.

“Many of my friends are providing such a service so I am considering it as well.

“I am worried about the number of Covid-19 cases as it may result in weddings being called off.

“For now, I am thankful and relieved to get up to 30 customers a month,” she said, adding that she would be saving up and using the money wisely.

Intan Suraya juggles two jobs to earn enough for her family.Intan Suraya juggles two jobs to earn enough for her family.

“My clients must be fully vaccinated and wear face masks when I paint the henna designs,” Syahira said.

Another photographer who wished to be known as Sarah said a few clients had requested to postpone their wedding photo shoots because of the ongoing pandemic.

“We are actually fully booked until January next year.

“However, three clients contacted us last month, saying that their wedding receptions had to be postponed as they tested positive for Covid-19.

“I am currently discussing a contingency plan with my team,” she added.

Sarah said they were thinking of branching out into creative production, making brochures and conducting photography classes online.

“My team members are my main concern.

“If weddings or solemnisation ceremonies are not allowed, all of us will be affected.

“We hope it will not come to a point where social events will be restricted again.

“I believe that as long as we follow the standard operating procedure, we can continue conducting business as usual in the new norm,” she added.

Tailor Intan Suraya Mohd Zain, 37, said she signed up to be a sales and drop ship agent for various products.

“I juggled between promoting products and tailoring during the movement control order.

“I really have to work hard for my family and take on two jobs,” she said, adding that she held on despite the challenges.

“My tailoring business has been doing well and I will be busy until February next year,” Intan Suraya said.

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