Top Destination Wedding Venues in UAE

Everyone loves to celebrate their wedding events amidst stunning locations. Though it is tough to search for a perfect location for a destination wedding. Here we are going to discuss some beautiful destinations that are just one flight away from India. UAE is the most chosen place to celebrate the big day. We have covered all the aspects of different venues there and make it easy for you to select the one you desire to.

So. Following are some main Loactoans and venues in UAE that gonna be a perfect match for your wishes.

Fujairah Resort

The east coast of the UAE seems perfect for a wedding venue. There Fujairah is the captivating destination for a wedding. What makes this location outstanding is Fujairah Intercontinental resort. This resort is surrounded by mesmerizing scenes. On one side you can enjoy the Hajar Mountains having lunar landscapes. On the other side, turquoise water rushes into the Indian Ocean.

Guests enjoy this spellbinding panorama and a dreamy environment. Such beautiful views enhance the demand for this venue for a destination wedding.

Moreover, it is not so far from Dubai International Airport. You just have to travel only one and a half hours further to reach the location. The property is the amalgam of modern luxury and Arabian hospitality as well.

You will find vast options to choose the specific location for your wedding. This resort has 190 elegant rooms for guests. Each room is of its kind and competitive in lavishness. The giant balconies offer a never-ending view across the Indian Ocean.

Whatever the size or bravura you desire for your wedding, the spacious and classy venues along with expert staff will assure you in either way. Fujairah Resort facilitates you to opt for the design for exclusive and exquisite wedding events.

Mehndi Event

This is the most fun-filled ceremony among various wedding events. The venue for this event must be colorful and lighted to encourage fun, mood, and gleeful mischiefs. So, a stunning pool seems impeccable place along with cliquey cabanas, a delightful addition, for this big event.

Throw a Wedding Party

Before the actual wedding day, you can celebrate a cocktail party with your friends. This place is a perfect match for such an event. You can go to either grill restaurants, beach bars, or anywhere for a splendid barbecue and cocktail party under the shades of stars and black sky. This going to be one of the gorgeous and commemorating nights of your wedding events.

Enjoy delectable specialties offer by furnished and elegant outlets. Beach fire pits are awesome spots to dine while enjoying the cool sand under your feet.

The Wedding Day

There is a property on the beach Al Aqah is perfect for your big day. This private beach is no doubt an enticing destination to take vows. Make your day mesmerizing with splashing waves and magical music of these waves in the background. And when you walk down, a sea view will give a beguiling backdrop.

Classy Reception

All is well when the end is well. So, close your wedding events with a breathtaking and splendid reception. The ballrooms in the hotel are the best location as they can accommodate up to 320 guests at a time. You can host large gatherings in the extravagant space. This ample room is adorned with high ceilings, stylish chandeliers that give a magnificent touch of elegancy.

What Fujairah Resort Offers!

An InterContinental Resort, a perfect venue for a destination wedding. Here you will get some after-party venues. You can get permission for outside catering, options of global cuisine, and private beaches for some more exclusive events. Moreover, enjoy the beach fireworks, customized kitchen, transportation services, and separate spaces for males and females.

All above you can have the facility of full resort takeover.

Le Meridien Dubai

Dubai has always been a perfect location for a dreamy wedding.  Couples look for various factors while choosing the venue for their big day. For example, the size of venue, the style or any royal theme, services, and yes the prices as well.

There are numerous hotels and venues in Dubai. You can opt according to your requirements, Well, Le Meridien Dubai stands out among many others. What is so special?

Everyone plans a lot to start this beautiful journey of life together. Le Meridien plans every bit of your wedding events and designs a dreamy celebration that presents your love bond. You desire an intimate wedding event or a grand festive wedding, no matter what is this. Just look for a magnanimously charming and creative venue for a luxurious wedding celebration.

So, here in Le Meridien, you can avail yourself of the opportunity to celebrate your fairy tale wedding along with unbeatable hospitality brilliance.

Skilled Designing Team

A great team of wedding planners is available in Le Meridien. This team will accommodate all types of weddings. You can have extravagant space for hundreds of guests at a wedding. You can also host a simple and elegant intimate event with your family and some close friends. The choice is yours, pick the one you desire and the rest is on the Le Meridien, that how to make the events amazing and sophisticated.

Virtual Designs

One of the best services is to provide a virtual trip to the venues in Le Meridien. You can also view all the setups creating for your wedding in a virtual model. More of it, you can also modify the setup the way you desire.

Some Packages of Le Meridien

Different packages have different details. The general detail of wedding packages is following.

Stay time for the couple, whether one or two nights, free stage blocks, wedding cake; 2 or 3 layers, water, soft drinks, or juices. The details about the chair and table setup, sofa arrangements, dance floor, buffet menu, parking arrangements for guests, Dj or sound system, and much more.

Breathtaking Venues & Ballrooms

You can opt for the luxurious customized venues in Le Meridien, according to your taste, desire, number of guests, and budget.

There is a giant ballroom you can go to for your big day celebration. This location can host up to 2000 guests at a time. Moreover, there are 3 matchless show kitchens along with a bridal room set and Majilis area.

In Le Meridien, there is Wasl Ballroom with a graceful atmosphere and provides the best spot for your special day. This might Wasl ballroom can be separated as 3 ballrooms with its access.

Another elegant ballroom is a Falcon ballroom in Le Meridien. This one has some versatility. You can book this venue for various wedding events. Or you can also throw a small wedding party there.

This venue has an uninterrupted exterior entrance.

Thus, you can celebrate your special day events with full daintiness and welcome the guest warmly along with the glaze of a stylish venue.

Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

Atlantis the Palm seemingly a glorious palace in Dubai is expanded over 46 hectares. In the era of the Middle-east sovereign, this palace was constructed. This property holds extraordinary glorious rose shade frontage. The lavish facilities and exceptional experiences will make your special day unforgettable for all guests.

Atlantis the Palm is the mélange of Arabian creativity and modern splendor that will add up effortlessly in your wedding. This iconic resort has some more salient aspects.

Amazing Lodging

Whether it is a Palm room or an Ocean room, every room is the preserve of grace and comfort. However, the ocean room will serve an awe-inspiring sight of the Arabian Sea. While in the latter one you can enjoy the most popular Dubai skylines and Palm Island.

If you are looking for more lavishness, there are Imperial Club rooms available in the hotel. These offer various adventurous activities. The other terrace club rooms provide prodigious space for sunbathing and dining alongside phenomenal balconies.

You can enjoy the completely novel dimension of luxury in Royal Club rooms and Executive Club rooms. You will find more of the space there to revive and relax. Atlantis the Palm presents a unique emblem of opulence in the form of signature suites.

Furthermore, there are underwater suites as well. One can relish the remarkable sight of marine life and the mythological remains of lost Atlantis. So, there are lots of options for accommodation. Prefer whatever suits you for your wedding guests.

Noteworthy, the Royal Bridge, Presidential Suite, and Grand Atlantis are designed for some elite guests. Thus, keep in mind these venues while deciding on the lodging.

Huge Wedding Location

All venues in Atlantis have their charisma and persona as these are created to match the different tastes of weddings. No matter if it is an intimate small event or a huge reception you can get a venue according to your desire. Approximately 2000 guests can be adjusted easily in regal Atlantis ballrooms. Such ballrooms allow the guests to have the right to use the Royal Terrace and enjoy the amazing views.

For small wedding celebrations, Spice and Silk ballrooms are perfect. If a couple is interested in an outdoor wedding, you can easily plan a beachside romantic event at Atlantis beach with almost 800 people.

In Atlantis the Palm, there is a mesmeric location nearby Zero Entry Pool. Though this is one of the most expansive locations but holds the capacity to accommodate up to 2000 people. If you are highly interested to plan a dreamy intimate wedding with only a few family members and friends then go for an incredible setting in “The Palm Grove”

Scrumptious Cuisine

Atlantis The Palm is the perfect venue for a grand wedding with multiple cuisines. More than 20dining outlets you have the opportunity to relish multi-cultural food. This hotel has all from celebrity chef restaurants to simple bars and café. Thus you have bliss under a single roof.  Experts serve you mouth-watering cuisines from all across the world whether it would be Lebanese, British, Italian, Japanese, or American.

Thus, we have discussed the lavishness of Atlantis the Palm and explained how it is the perfect destination for a dreamy wedding. Along with these aspects, your guests can also enjoy some adventure there. Dubai’s biggest aquarium The Lost Chamber offers the chance of scuba diving and enjoying the marine life inside.

Grand Wedding Venues in Ras Al Khaimah

The Ras A Khaimah region is very popular for wedding venues and is mostly occupied in summers. In the last few years, the demand for ballrooms and halls in Ras Al Khaimah has been increased. Now people want separate halls for males and females.

The halls provide all the services of decoration, catering, photography, and wedding lights as well. The thing that differs the Ras Alkhaima Venuse from other halls across the UAE is the price and people attract to this venue more.

Thus, couples who want to take vows of their knot in Al Khaima must book the venue beforehand to get the desired location. To make this process easy for you, we have enlisted some best wedding venues in Ras Al Khaima.

So, choose the ballroom that matches your taste for your desired wedding events.

Amasi Hall

There are 3 mesmerizing wedding halls in Amasi wedding hall. These are Al Reem, Al Amira, and Al Soumouw. There are separate bridal rooms for each ballroom. And that bridal suits also have a salon setup for makeover and hairstyling.

Hilton Hall

Hilton Hall is present in the Al Nakheel area. The most acclaimed hall offers all services from advising of menus to the theme selection and decoration of ballrooms. Thus, you can get out of all pressure and can celebrate the big day of your life delightfully.

Furthermore, for small events like engagement ceremonies, intimate weddings, or bridal shower party Hilton Garden is the perfect venue to accommodate up to 400 people.

Rixos Bab Al Bahr Hotel

When it comes to wedding ballrooms, this hotel provides various options. A mighty hall with an opulent menu, larger rooms along audio-visual capacity inside. The expert team makes the hotel a remarkable region for a grand wedding.  

The spacious and pillar-less ballrooms make the venue an idealistic space for the wedding. You can arrange your event according to your desire by placing the buffet, or any other menu, to give a romantic touch add musical instruments in the prodigious space there. The blend of these elements will make your wedding day the most striking event ever.

Ritz-Carlton Al Wadi Desert

This resort is located just 45 minutes away from Dubai. For a luxurious banquet within majlis, an Arabian tales-inspired dance night along with sun dipping in sandbanks, such a captivating view for a wedding.

You can also celebrate your event outdoor on o]sandy desert. Whether you want a big gathering or a small one, the wedding planner experts in the resort will make a dreamy event for you.

Cove Rotana Resort

Another gorgeous location in Al Khaimah is the Cove Rotana Resort. This location is blessed with a soothing beachfront overseeing the blue crystal water of the spectacular Arabian Gulf. This will make your wedding a fabulous event.

Waldorf Astoria

This is the masterpiece for gatherings on all types of events. The setting is exceptional and enduring. The dedicated, experienced, and passionate team turns this property perfect for a destination wedding.

You are free to choose an indoor or outdoor setup for your special day. This site offers a blend of modern style with an Arabian touch.

Emirates Palace Hotel In Abu Dhabi

A perfect dreamy wedding destination for Indians. Abu Dhabi is just 3 or 4 hours away from India. Emirates Palace hotel has a sophisticated and luxurious décor and presents an outstanding venue that lets the guest indulge in wonder.

The whole team in the hotel goes the extra mile to make your big day an amazing one. This hotel is a dreamlike space for wedding events. The magical Emirates Palace presents the venue that every Indian wedding ceremonies look for. You can easily celebrate intimate events like mehndi with all the astonishing elements.

Furthermore, Etihad ballrooms and the striking terrace of the Palace lend the perfect location for grand reception or sangeet.

The extravagant Ballrooms are rich in magnificence. The banquet set offers guest seats up to 1200. More than these can be adjusted for a cocktail party. Gold ceilings and exuding glamour adorned with spectacular chandeliers of crystals. The huge ballrooms are enough for a grand reception and other wedding events like sangeet.

The couples who are interested in outdoor wedding events can go for a huge lush lawn of 35 hectares and adorned with a splendid beach. Additionally, other sites for outdoor wedding like Palace Terrace is also magnificent to host the guest about 3000. This property is a perfect match for Indian weddings as it provides enough space for the grooms’ procession on an elephant or horse.

On a Palace Terrace, you can enjoy the stunning backdrop of beach and garden. Thus, trust the experienced team of Emirates Palace for arranging an unforgettable wedding event for you.


Henceforth, read out the list and get to know about the specialties of each venue. Find what suits you the best. Tell us if you want to know more about the specific venue. Pick the perfect venue and turn your fairy tale wedding into a reality.

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