Indian Wedding Band

The practice of hiring a popular Indian wedding band for weddings began in the late 19th century, according to the novel Brass Baja: A History of Indian Wedding Bands. This fad took off as Indians were heavily influenced by British music styles in almost all aspects of their social life. Thus, bands like the Bridal Chimes, which has been used at wedding ceremonies since the mid-19th century, started becoming popular among Indian masses. They were commonly played at weddings and functions by women and girls who had recently converted to Islam or Christianity. Today, they are more often hired to play at various events, including corporate dinners, parties and fairs, and are also used to mark special occasions such as birthdays.

Indian wedding music is best described by an icon of modern Indian cinema, Shah Rukh Khan. He stated in an interview that the first song he sang in his movie was a wedding song. "I couldn't find anyone to sing it. Then a friend of mine came from Kashmir and told me how to sing the song. I did it in my wedding and it became a hit song." It went on to become one of the most requested songs for marriages across Indian regions.

Today, many contemporary Indian music experts are studying western music styles and incorporating those into their own music. Many of the famous Indian bands, such as Sufi, Jai Uttal and Dilbag have incorporated western music into their lyrics. Such examples are Laptops, by Sufi; Iruvar, from Jai Uttal's album Satya; and Humko Deewana from Dilbag.

The wedding procession is marked with brass bands, too. Brass bands are often played by the men in the wedding procession. The reason for this is that brass instruments create a festive mood. Similarly, a band playing flamenco can add to the mood of the wedding procession.

While some bands, such as Laptops, are hired specifically for the function, other bands play at weddings. Examples of these bands include Deewana, from Dilbag, and Yellow Brick Road, from Yellow Brick Road. The wedding party may hire a wedding band, including the wedding march band, wedding band leader and drummers. Often the band leads the wedding party or plays the main theme music.

There are many styles of Indian wedding bands available in India. The cost of the brass instruments varies, depending on the quality of the brass material, craftsmanship and the number of features on the instrument. These instruments are played by expert musicians. Wedding bands are an integral part of Indian culture. In fact, it is customary to request musicians at marriages

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