India Bridal Designers A Summary of the Leading Fashion Trends

Bridal Designers in India are no longer restricted to a few styles, themes or trends. In the past, designers here had a limited range of designs and stock which they frequently selected from. However, in the last decade, India has emerged as a key tourist destination for European and US tourists. As a result, more designers here have come up with unique, exclusive and contemporary wedding collections. Today, brides prefer a bridal collection that has not only incorporated traditional motifs but also provides them with a sense of style and fashion. Here are some of the latest and popular wedding wear options that you can see in various leading Indian bridal boutiques.

The Kameez has always been a favorite amongst people of all backgrounds and religions. Nowadays, this outfit is the most preferred when it comes to wedding parties and ceremonies. Available in a variety of styles and designs, the Kameez is a casual ensemble which helps one look elegant and trendy. These outfits feature heavily embellished with sequins, stones, beads and embroidery. Made in a variety of materials like silk, cotton, linen, nylon and satin, these outfits can be made to suit your body type and personality.

Another type of popular bridal designers' creations include the Safed Musli, Patiala Saree, Kundan Saree and the Chaika Suit. The Safed Musli is a fusion of western and eastern motifs and designs. Made in the traditional styles of India, these outfits are embellished with heavy motifs of embroidery, stones and zardosi work. The Patiala Saree is made of fine fabric with embellishments on the borders, shoulders and the sleeves. Kundan Saree and the Chaika Suit are creations of the famous South Indian designer Ritu Kumar.

Monika Nidhii is a relatively new creation of the Bridal Designers of India. Named after the modern day flower, the monk nidhii is designed in a fusion of East and West styles. Made from a mixture of traditional fabric and modern patterns, these designs are extremely popular amongst the young crowds. Shubhika, being a relatively new creation of the Bridal Designers of India, has gained much popularity among the masses. Made from the finest cotton fabric available, the shubhika is designed in the form of a sari with an add-on of embellishments.

The Bridal Designers of India have mastered the art of blend. In order to create their creations, they take into consideration many factors including the individual requirements of the bride. Based on the feedback from the customers, the designers work upon each and every aspect of the outfits that are requested by the clients. They customize the designs according to the tastes of the clients. In fact, if you want your outfit to carry any symbol or tag of sophistication, just let the fashion designers of India do the work for you.

For weddings conducted in the summer season, the Bridal Designers of India designs beautiful mehndi or salwar kameez in bright colors. The shoran or the lehenga is another popular type of attire. It is basically a long-sleeved garment, worn in the morning for the ceremony, and later on for a wedding dinner. The mehndi can be accessorized with designer jewelry pieces, in order to complete the look. The latest trends in wedding garments are mostly influenced by western fashion; thus, the Indian bridal designers are making all attempts to keep their creations up to date with the western fashion as well.

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