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Caribbean Travel 6 Tips For Planning A Caribbean Beach Wedding
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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. July 28, 2021: Having a destination wedding is one of the most exciting and amazing things that could happen to you and your future spouse. With this, you can create new memories that your family and guests would surely remember when they get home, making it a wedding like no other.

One of the popular choices when it comes to destination weddings is a beach wedding, and nothing would be better than having it in the Caribbean. It would be a great place to host a romantic day while also looking at princess cut engagement rings that could catch everyone’s attention.

That said, listed below are some tips for planning a Caribbean beach wedding that you and your guests would surely enjoy.  Please make sure you follow all COVID-19 protocols per countries. Right now, in most countries, most visitors will need to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test that is no older than 72 hours and in some cases,  fill out a request prior to this info. before planning a trip.

Plan For Accommodation  

Unless all your guests live near the Caribbean islands, you shouldn’t have to worry about accommodation. However, the chances of that happening are small. For your out-of-town guests, you have to arrange and plan for their entire stay.

Ideally, you should book your guest’s accommodation in a single hotel so you wouldn’t have to bother with gathering them for the wedding. In this way, no one would have any issues about going to your venue as everyone’s staying in the same hotel.

And as paying for all your guests’ rooms might be expensive, you need to prepare for this financially. However, if you have a tight budget, you could ask if they’re willing to pay for their own rooms.

Look For An Island Closest To The Equator

While Caribbean islands are popular for their sunny days, there might be islands where it could rain more than it should. Rain could ruin your entire day, and your visitors might not be able to enjoy the environment and the activities you prepared for them.

For your Caribbean beach wedding, consider looking for islands nearest the equator so there’d be fewer chances of raining. Moreover, in most islands, it gets rainy from June to November, so it’d be ideal if you could plan the wedding in the early months of the year. With a sunny wedding, you could expect everyone to leave with tans and smiles on their faces as they truly got to enjoy their Caribbean wedding experience.

Provide Themed Wedding Favors

If you have enough budget to provide your guests a thank-you gift upon arriving at the hotel, consider adding some must-have beach essentials that’d allow them to enjoy their stay at the island entirely. While it might be an added expense, it’s a gesture your guests would highly appreciate as it’d let them feel you value their presence on your special day.

For your arrival gifts, you could include sunblocks, sunglasses, balms, combs, slippers, and other beach essentials. By doing this, you’d not only be offering them gifts, but you’d also be able to supply them with beach must-haves in case they forgot to bring some essentials. You could even add emerald cut engagement rings if you have the budget, which would make them feel romantic while at your wedding.

Choose An Appropriate Theme

Since you’re already having a Caribbean beach wedding, it’d only be appropriate if you could choose a theme that’d match the venue perfectly. Going for a royalty theme sounds extra-ordinary, but nothing would be better than allowing your wedding to highlight the venue’s beauty.

With a beach wedding, you don’t have to focus on the styling as the view of the Caribbean Seas would do it for you. You could just throw in some thin soft fabrics for the chairs and tables, add some flowers and candles, and it should be enough to make the place romantic.

Add Covers Or Shades

As you can’t predict the exact weather for your wedding, it would be a wise choice if you could add some covers or shades in your venue, which people could go to after the ceremony.  These would also come in handy in case it suddenly rains during the celebration.

On the same note, the heat could get intense. As you’d already be exposing your guests under the sun during the ceremony, they might prefer to stay in the shade during cocktail hours.

By providing a place for them to cover, you’d be accommodating your guests’ needs, allowing them to enjoy your wedding more. When adding shades, however, try to keep the ceiling as high as possible so your guests won’t feel indoors.

Inform Guests Ahead Of Time

Some people prefer to inform their guests they’re having a destination wedding only at the last minute just to surprise them about a new awesome venue. While this may be exciting, other people might not appreciate it, especially if they don’t have any beach items ready.

To allow every guest to enjoy your wedding celebration, inform them immediately that you’re planning to have a Caribbean beach wedding. In this way, they can fully prepare for their vacation leave, flight tickets, and outfits, as well as the accommodation for their pets, if any, which they’d need to leave behind.

Moreover, you shouldn’t forget to inform your guests about any COVID-19 protocols they need to follow, depending on the venue’s requirement and especially local regulations. They might also be required to present a swab result or vaccination card so they could enter the country as well as the venue.

A Caribbean beach wedding is an event like no other. While you may need to handle more things than a traditional wedding, it’d be an experience that’d be worth it for everyone. Through this, you can have sweet, great memories to share with your partner for years to come.

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