5 Trends From Hindu Weddings

India is the most preferred place for getting married, especially for Indians. The country is full of rich traditions, which add magic to a marriage. Every corner of India houses beautiful and elegant wedding halls.

The wedding ceremonies vary according to the state, religion, the caste and the community. But one thing is common among all religions that the wedding ceremony includes the exchange of garlands or rings, which is a sign of love and respect. There are many couples who opt for an arranged or traditional wedding ceremony, as it helps them get ready for their life partner. But many couples today choose a less formal wedding, as they feel more relaxed and comfortable if their marriage is a little different. In India many couples opt for the unusual or traditional way of getting married.

The wedding reception is an essential part of a wedding ceremony. It can make your wedding memorable by bringing in a lot of guests. The venue of the wedding reception depends on the choice of the couple. A small wedding reception can be held at home or a rented hall, while a huge reception can be held at any type of place like a hotel banquet room etc. The wedding couple usually goes with their friends and relatives to the wedding venue to look the place out and decide some important things like the reception food and the decorations.

There are different types of wedding dresses in India, which are popular among the Hindu girls. The sari is very popular as wedding dress among the Hindu girls. This garment has a great tradition in the Hindu religion and was used by the royal family, and also by the commoners. In the past Hindu kings used to wear sari as a sign of status, and today it is worn by both Hindu males and females, as it is a symbol of decency. The area is a must have for any Hindu girl.
Another important part of the wedding ceremony is the wedding ceremony gift. It varies according to the choice of the couple. If it is a traditional gift then it can be anything, from a small brass statue to an expensive piece of jewelry. But if the couple wants to give something away that is not a tradition but still meaningful to them like a memory stick or an engraved receiver then they can give away small items like a silver watch or a silver pen. These are all considered as wedding gifts for the bride and a token of appreciation from the groom to his bride.

Vibrant Colors: It is a must for a bride to wear bright colors at her wedding day. Vibrant colors usually mean "serendipity" or "dream". Brides generally wear vibrant colors like red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, black, white, cream, and cream-colored creams. They might even wear maroon, indigo, silver, and gold. Brides who are a little daring can wear almost any color and add a touch of elegance to their look.


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