5 Different Styles of Indian Weddings

5 Different Styles of Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are rich, diverse and beautiful. They take place over a span of multiple days and include many activities. Some of these are counted as pre-wedding while the other are post-wedding activities. One thing is however consistent with all Indian weddings, they are fun!

You’ll never be bored at an Indian wedding. There are some activities that you’ll find at a typical Indian wedding. One is a Mehndi ceremony where the bride’s hands are painted in beautiful Dulhan Mehndi designs. You also have a Shaadi ceremony where the actual wedding happens. There are however different styles of Indian weddings. Here are five popular celebrations you should know about.

  • Bengali Weddings

Some of the things that will attract you to Bengali weddings are the colour and decorations. For a star, the bride often wears a Sari that is bright red in colour. You’ll also love the intricate design painted on her forehead. It is done with sandalwood and Kumkum. At a Bengali wedding, the couple does a Mala Badal (Exchange of fragrant florals). The bride’s entry to the Mandap is however considered the most fun part of this wedding. She is brought in on a pedi by her uncles. Her face is also covered until the Mala Badal happens.

  • Hindu Weddings

At Hindu weddings, the most important night is the Haldi Night. Everyone gathers in a ceremony to apply scented turmeric paste on the bride. It signifies the purification of her skin. It also causes the bride to glow in a stunning way. After this comes the Mehndi which was already mentioned.

  • Malayali Weddings

Malayali weddings happen very early in the morning. This is because it is believed that sunrise is a lucky time. This type of wedding also only lasts for a day so the ceremony is short and sweet. There is a ceremony and then a quick traditional meal. The couple wears white and is draped in gold jewellery from head to toe.

  • Muslim Weddings

At Indian Muslim weddings, there is also a Mehndi night. At this ceremony, candles are lighted and the grooms name is hidden in the henna. He then has to try and find it. Muslim Indian brides wear a Salwar Kameez or a Lehenga. Her stomach must however be covered. There is also a Nikah wedding ceremony. During this, the bride and groom are in separate rooms until the end. The party continues after the Nikah.

  • Punjabi Weddings

Some Punjabi people have the kind of Hindu ceremony already described. However, there is also a Punjabi wedding. Some of its aspects include the bride’s family trying to steal the groom’s shoe in a process known as Joota Chupai. If they succeed, the groom has to pay to get his shoe back. The wedding itself then happens in a Guruduwa. Here the couple goes around a holy book known as Granth Sahib.

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