10 Important Vendors for Your Wedding in Delhi

10 Important Vendors for Your Wedding in Delhi

If you've just started your wedding planning, you must be excited. It can be quite the journey, but with the right kind of planning, you'll be victorious. To help you with your planning, you'll need some professionals. These professionals will offer you the services that you need to make your celebration in Delhi a success. They are known as wedding vendors.

But how many of these professionals do you need, and which of them are best for you? The answer to the first part of that question depends on your type of wedding. The number of professionals you need helping you with your celebration will rely a lot on your wedding style. This article will help you answer the second part of that question. Here is a general list of wedding vendors in Delhi that you'll require for your memorable celebration. 

  • A Planner

Using the right planner for your celebration will make your planning experience better. Planners are like your best friends when it comes to all things wedding-related. They'll take the stress of planning off your hands so that you can have a great time at your celebration. Most planners also have packages that you can tailor to meet your needs and budget. Here is our list of planners for your Delhi wedding.

  • A Venue

You'll need a wedding venue for your celebration in Delhi. It is so important because it affects the atmosphere of your celebration. It will also show up in all your wedding photos and videos. The kind of venue you need will also depend on your wedding size. Are you inviting many loved ones or having just a private celebration? Keep that in mind, and make sure you also choose a venue that you both love. Here is our list of venues for your Delhi wedding.

  • A Photographer

A wedding photographer is a chance to preserve the memories of your special celebration in Delhi. They'll capture your special moments in pictures so you can look back at them in future. This particular vendor will be with you for most of your celebration. So, make sure it's someone you are comfortable having around you. Here is our list of photographers for your Delhi wedding.

  • A Videographer

While wedding pictures are important, wedding videos cover much more. They give you a chance to watch the events unfold and experience your celebration afresh whenever you want to. You need a videographer who knows the right moments to capture for the perfect wedding video. Here is our list of videographers for your Delhi wedding.

  • A Makeup Professional

You'll have to pamper yourself a bit if you want to look great on your wedding day. This is where the makeup artist comes in. Don't forget to try them out first to make sure you get the best look for your ceremonies prior. You'll need to look your best for all those wedding day photos and videos. Here is our list of Makeup Professionals for your Delhi wedding.

  • A Music Vendor

The best kind of DJ to use for your wedding in Delhi is an experienced one. They'll know the correct type of music to play and at what time. They'll also know how to get your guests excited for the dancefloor when necessary. A great DJ is one of the vendors you require for your perfect wedding entertainment in Delhi. Here is our list of DJs for your Delhi wedding.

  • A Caterer

One of the top reasons why people attend a wedding is for the food. So, if you need happy guests at your wedding in Delhi, you must hire the right caterer. So, make sure you go for a caterer who knows how to prepare the right delicacies for your celebration. Here is our list of caterers for your Delhi wedding.

  • A Bridal Wear Vendor

Working with the right bridal shop will make your wedding wear shopping easier. They'll be able to take one look at you and know what possibly fits, thereby saving you lots of time. So, make sure you get one that has your best interests in mind. You'll be able to tell from your first conversation. Here is our list of suppliers of Bridal Wears for your Delhi wedding.

  • A Groom Wear Vendor

The groom also needs to get the right wear for this celebration. So as part of your wedding planning, you have to find the right vendor to handle the groom's wear. Here is our list of suppliers of Groom Wears for your Delhi wedding.

  • Invites and Gifts

Your wedding invites are the first glimpse your guests will get of your celebration. It's best to work with a vendor who can take your desires and use them to create invites that represent them. You'll also need a vendor for the souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones. Here is our list of suppliers of Invites and Gifts for your Delhi wedding.


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